The story of SHRED

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How it all began

As a bored undergrad who started with a freshman 15 and topped it off with a sophomore 30, I realized that I had to do something to get back in shape. Instead of reading my statistics textbook I started researching nutritional science and fitness papers. Unlike statistics where each problem has a right or wrong answer, each nutritional plan and fitness regimen seemed to be both right and wrong.

No matter what paper I read or expert I listened to, there would always be someone with the same credentials arguing the exact opposite point. Should I eat high carbs or high fat? Should I train with more frequency or more volume? Do pre-workout supplements help performance or harm recovery? I may have got 4% of my stats midterm, but I made 0 progress on uncovering the truth about fitness.


"The only way to learn what works "

- Steve rimmer
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Where it took me

If I wanted to learn how to look like Goku, then I would have to test everything on my own. I started experimenting with workouts, diets, and supplements that were appealing to me and measured the impact that they had on my strength and physique. After a few years of an extraordinarily disciplined and measured approach to fitness, I finally learned the answer to my question -- take steroids. At least that's what every fitness model, strongman, and bodybuilder does.

I wasn't willing to take drugs for a few years of improved aesthetics and eventually lost all interest in sacrificing my life for marginal physical improvements. I have reached a physical peak and have merely been doing my best to maintain it.

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Aim for the future

My goals have changed over time.  I'm not nearly as concerned with looking like Goku as I am about performing like Einstein. I know what I want to accomplish in life and this means that things like cognitive ability, willpower, energy, and clarity are now equally if not more important than strength, agility and aesthetic appeal. If you want to learn how exercise programs, diets, and supplements affect things like cognitive performance, energy levels, time investment, and more, then this website is for you.