Why this thing got started

Forging my destiny

How it all began

As a miserable undergrad living in my hometown, I topped off a freshman fifteen with a sophomore 20. My body needed work. Instead of studying decision trees I was learning how to make my lats look like christmas trees. The problem is that in stats, the answers are binary. Right or wrong. The problem in fitness is that every answer seems right and wrong.

No matter what I read, watched, or listened to, each side was equally credentialed and distantly apart. Should I eat low carb or low fat? Do I need to train with more frequency or more volume? Are pre-workout supplements helping my performance or harming recovery? I may have got a 4% on my stats midterm, but I made 0 progress discovering the truth about fitness.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

-aristotle (?)
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Where it took me

I was going to find the best diet and workout program even if it meant using myself as the test subject.

After a few years of tracking every calorie and repetition, learned the answer to my question; natural muscle and strength gains peak around two years of solid training. To get to the next level you need to devote your life to the endeavour.

Hitting my physical prime taught me that I can make similar gains in my other stats. other than strength and body composition. Energy, focus, and intellect are equally valuable and improvement is just as viable. All I need is a goal and a plan, Most important, I need to follow it.

With the new skills in diet and exercise I can properly fuel myself for the next mission.

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Aim for the future

My goals have changed over time.  Looking like Saiyan is becoming less appealing than thinking Einstein. I know my mission requires energy, will-power, and focus more than strength, body composition and athletic ability. If you want to learn how to fuel yourself best for your mission then I am here to help.