5 Steps to Becoming an Online Fitness Celebrity

5 Steps to Become a Fitness Sensation

You’ve probably been hitting the gym for a few years now and you’re starting to realize that you’ve got the muscular structure of a gorilla and the body hair of a five year old. Jeans are no longer an option and you’re armed heavier than ISIS. Good. This is the perfect …

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Should I Take Creatine?

Creatine E02 TN

Creatine is thought to be the most effective supplement for increasing strength and muscle mass. As one of the most well researched sport supplements, creatine does not lack it’s supporter’s. But, like any supplement, for every supporter there’s opposition. Some people claim that creatine is like legalized steroids while other’s claim it …

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What is Creatine?

Creatine 01 TN

Creatine is one of the most effective supplements for athletes. It increases muscle mass and strength more than any other legal performance enhancing substance but most people have no idea what creatine really is. This video helps explain creatine in very simple terms. Creatine is the most effective supplement available …

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Should you Take Pre Workout?

Should You Take Pre Workout?

Pre Workout supplements are one of the most popular products in the sport supplement industry. Whether this popularity comes from pre workouts ability to provide legitimate results or through the power of promotion alone still remains to be seen. I have been taking a Pre Workout supplement (C4) for over …

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How to Choose Pre Workout

How to Choose Pre Workout tn2

There seems to be an infinite amount of Pre Workout supplements on the market. Seriously, EVERYONE seems to have one. You know the market is over saturated when Dom Mazzetti is selling pre workout. With so many products out there it’s become a lot more difficult to know which pre workout supplement to choose. …

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What is Pre Workout? (C4 Edition)

Pre-Workout E02 TN

Pre Workout supplements are one of the most popular performance enhancing products for improving performance in the gym. The marketing teams for these pre workout supplements would like you to believe that taking pre workout leads to better performance, greater strength gains, improved endurance, and enhanced muscle pumps. But what …

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Is Pre Workout Necessary

Pre Workout Ep. 1

Pre Workout is a supplement that’s in almost everyone’s arsenal. Pre workout supplements increase energy and motivation to get to the gym, but beyond that, do they have much benefit? Pre Workout supplements boast of their abilities to increase strength and muscle gains, enhance muscular endurance, and improve blood flow and muscle …

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Paleo vs Regular Diet, Before and After Gallery

Paleo D1v17

The following pictures were taken at the beginning and end of the trial period for both my Paleo Diet and my Regular Diet. It’s impossible to objectively say which transformation was the best.  I personally believe that Paleo made a slightly larger impact on my physique from day 1 to …

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Should you Eat Paleo?

Paleo E04 TN V2

I wanted to know if the Paleo Diet could really live up to all of its hype. The only way to do this was to try eating Paleo myself and monitoring how it affected my body compared to my typical diet. I’ve eaten Paleo for over half of a month now …

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Paleo Diet vs. Regular Diet, Day of Eating

Paleo V Reg TN

Over two weeks ago I started eating Paleo. I wanted to learn how substituting foods from my regular diet with Paleo foods would affect me physically, mentally, and financially. I made sure that I was consuming the same total number of calories from each diet to guarantee the results were …

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How to Eat Paleo

How to eat Paleo

Learning how to eat Paleo can seem like a difficult task. There are so many blogger’s, author’s, and self-proclaimed experts on the topic that it can you can become overwhelmed with contradicting theories on what foods are Paleo. From the countless hours I have spent researching Paleo I have created a …

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What foods are Paleo? (Infographic)


If your curious about what the Paleo diet is, learn more here! Learning to eat Paleo can be difficult. Different blogs, author’s and experts have different opinions on whether specific foods are Paleo or not. At SHREDucated, I believe you deserve the tools for making educated decisions on your own. …

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Is Dairy Paleo?

Mother's Titties

The simple answer, NO. But if my ex-girlfriends have taught me anything it’s that simple answers usually require some excavation to uncover the ENTIRE truth. Paleo is based on the notion that the foods our Paleolithic ancestors ate, the foods consumed for the majority of human existence, are the only …

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What Vegetables are Paleo?

Fruits thought as veg

Eating Paleo means eating only te foods that were available to our ancestors during the Palaeolithic Era. This means anything that is not produced organically through nature is prohibited from the Paleo Diet. From this definition, you might assume that since vegetables grow naturally from the Earth that they are all allowed …

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What Fruits are Paleo?

Fruits and vegetables

The Paleo Diet prescribes eating only foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate during the Palaeolithic Era. From this definition you might assume that the Paleo Diet allows the consumption of all fruits but unfortunately, that is not the case. While most fruits are approved as Paleo, it may be the definition of fruit that is …

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